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SNL's Bowen Yang Responded To The 'Uproar' After The Montreal Skit & Roasted Us Even More

"Eh ben, I did not know that this sketch would cause such an uproar in Canada."
Bowen Yang Responded To 'Uproar' After SNL's Sketch About Montreal & Roasted Us Even More

In light of the "uproar" following an SNL sketch about Montreal, cast member Bowen Yang has taken to Instagram to offer a hilarious, tongue-in-cheek apology to Quebecers "who may have taken offence to the portrayal or thought that the sketch was inaccurate."

Yang, who starred in the sketch as Bonjour Hi! anchor Jean-Lawrence (aka Jean-Larry), delivered the whole Insta video in a French accent.

"I understand now that Peugeots are not driven in Quebec and that I mispronounced 'Montréal' at the top of the sketch and that the bagel we showed was a Jerusalem bagel and not a Montreal bagel," he said.

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I hope you are all having a good day, saying 'aweille' to the St-Huberts to enjoy our roast chicken.

Bowen Yang

He also poked fun at our love of local fast-food chain St-Hubert.

Yang offered a final "je t'aime beaucoup encore" before ending the video by frantically screaming Québécois swears at the camera.

The sketch that aired on October 17 showed Yang and Kate McKinnon as mock CBC morning show anchors based in Montreal.

They spoke about typical Montreal phenomena, like lovers from Cirque du Soleil and traffic on the Jacques Cartier Bridge, and even broke into a rendition of Céline Dion's "That's The Way It Is."

Reactions to the sketch ranged from appreciation to sharp criticism for some questionable depictions and dubious accents.

Canadian viewers can see the whole sketch on the Global TV website.

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