Brendan Gallagher Gave An Update On His Health After His Hard Fall Last Game

The man who was constantly being referred to as a "warrior" in the past few days, Brendan Gallagher, is proving himself to be exactly that. The player will be back in the lineup for Game 2 of the Stanley Cup Finals even though many questioned whether he has a concussion after leaving the ice with a bloody face in the last game.

On June 30, just hours before the next game, the 29-year-old player gave an update on his health.

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"I have a pretty specific way of reacting when I have a concussion, usually involves me yelling a lot. I think the trainers understood. I was with it, pretty calm," Gallagher said.

"They've seen me when I have those things, there were no worries there. They obviously checked on me the day after — not all that concerned about it."

The player then continued to say he's ready to move on. On Tuesday, interim coach Luke Richardson confirmed that the forward's injury would not cause him to miss a game.

"Gally is Gally, he has marks all over his face every game. Right now, he doesn't look very good. His face looks like a road map. He's a warrior and we're counting on him. He'll be back to do what he does best tomorrow [Wednesday night]."