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Canada Has Extended Its US Border Closures

But interregional travel within Quebec will be allowed as of May 28.
Canada Has Extended Its US Border Closures

Canada's minister of public safety, Bill Blair, announced on May 20 that the Canada-United States border will remain closed for another month until June 21.

The announcement comes days after Quebec released its provincewide reopening plan, which includes allowing interregional travel within the province as of May 28.

Editor's Choice: Here's Your Ultimate Guide To Quebec's Summer Reopening Plan

Last week, the federal government issued a peek into life post-COVID-19. It released a guide outlining what the rest of 2021 would look like.

The guide estimates that by this fall, if 75% of eligible Canadians have received two doses of a COVID-19 vaccine, more restrictions could be lifted and indoor gatherings with members of different households could happen.

The guide doesn't specifically mention travel. 

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