A Montreal Queen Won The First Week Of Canada's Drag Race & Honestly We're Not Surprised

We're here to tell you all about Rita Baga's win.
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A Montreal Queen Won The First Week Of Canada's Drag Race & Honestly We're Not Surprised

The moment we've all been waiting for has finally arrived. This weekend was the world-debut of Canada's Drag Racethe Canadian version of the world phenomenon, RuPaul's Drag Race. While we still have many weeks to go before the first recipient of the Canadian crown is chosen, we're proud to report that a Montreal queen won the first-ever maxi challenge of the entire series.

If you know the world of drag, it's charismatic, campy and creative. It's also insanely competitive.

And although we like to think of Canadians as nice and polite, the Canadian drag scene is no exception.

Can I get an "eh-men" up in here?

As the queens walked in one-by-one, all I could think was "O, yaaassss, Canada."

But we all know that if you've got queens coming from the fashion capital of Canada, you've got some high expectations. And let me tell you: our girls did not disappoint.

"Bonjour, hi," Rita Baga said as she walked in, with Quebec regalness that even make Queen Celine proud. 

Fellow Montrealer, Kiara, walked in, looking as gorgeous as a Montreal fashion house announcing, "en français s'il vous plaît?"

Montreal had definitely arrived.

Not only did the girls bring the Quebec looks and mentality to the workroom, but also to the runway.

This week's maxi-challenge was "Canadian Couture," paying tribute to the great white north, with themed boxes of materials that the queens had to use to create Fashion Week-worthy looks.

Kiara was assigned "Like a Prairie" and delivered a gorgeous scarecrow frock to scare the competition. 

But it was Rita Baga's "Quebec-Froid" ensemble that stole the show.

Because if there's one thing we know more than fashion here, it's the cold.

From the makeup to the mitten detail, and the overall performance (complete with a bag of cheese curds), she came in stronger than a snowstorm in January.

And ended up winning the first-ever prize in the entire series: a $5,000 shopping spree to Roots.

Not a bad first prize.

And something tells me there are many more prizes on the way for our Montreal girls.

Maybe even the grand prize of a year's stays in Hilton hotels and the $100,000 cheque.

But if there's anything I've come to learn about Drag Race, it's not always the walk down the runway, but the journey to get there. 

Stay tuned to new episodes each week on Crave to watch our girls represent the 514 and absolutely sl-eh the competition.

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