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Montrealers Can Donate & Buy Used Clothing Through Instagram Thanks To This Local Company

And all proceeds are then donated to charity.
Montrealers Can Donate & Buy Used Clothing Through Instagram Thanks To This Local Company

There are a million and one ways to make a difference in your city, and Charity Closet Montreal has found a modern way of doing the age-old clothing donation : by using Instagram!

Every Sunday, the Instagram page features donated items for sale, which other locals can then purchase and all of the net proceeds go to charity.

Whoever donates their clothing (or other items) gets to choose where the money from the sales goes.

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"Charity Closet is an easy, environmentally-friendly and accessible way to make a difference in society," Caitlin Murphy, the founder, told MTL Blog. And, any Montrealer can participate.

"Anyone can donate their goodies that are in sellable condition (clothes, household items, accessories, toys, kids clothes) and when they do, we ask them to choose a cause that is near and dear to their hearts in order to donate the proceeds made with their closet to that cause."

After that, Caitlin picks up the donated items, washes them, and shares photos of them on Charity Closet's Instagram story so that other people can purchase them.

All funds collected from that then go to the chosen charity and buyers later get their new items delivered to their door, which happens on a weekly basis.

Causes that Charity Closet has already donated to include Rescue All Dogs Co ., Canadian Association for Suicide Prevention , Auberge Shalom , St. Michael's Mission , Armenia Fund , Native Women's Shelter of Montreal , Stacey's Wish , and more.

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