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Chocolats Favoris Just Launched Its New Fall Menu & Here Are 8 Things You've Gotta Try

There's a chocolate treat for every palate.
Chocolats Favoris Just Launched Its New Fall Menu & Here Are 8 Things You've Gotta Try

It's officially autumn — the leaves are changing and the chilly air has returned. A favourite season for Montrealers, it's a time of warm sweaters... and indulging our sweet tooth. After all, what better way is there to warm your bones than with some warm apple cider, pumpkin spice treats, and - of course - chocolate?

To celebrate this nostalgic time of year, Chocolats Favoris has released their 2020 autumn menu. With locations all over the city, this chocolaterie is specialized in bringing desserts across Montreal since 1979.

With everything the city is going through, we could all use a little sweetness - and this iconic dessert shop has adapted to the new normal.

Focused on the welfare of staff and customers alike, Chocolats Favoris offers take-out versions of the whole menu for shops in red-zone areas - and most of their shops are also on UberEats, so you can get treats delivered right to your door. Dining areas remain open in orange and yellow zones.

After all, everyone deserves some sweetness; and, this way, no one misses out on the chocolatey goodness of this tasty autumn menu. 

The menu is huge and features legendary chocolate concoctions (like the amazing Mont-Biscuit) made special to help you get through these tricky times. Check out these delicious must-have treats to soothe your inner sweet tooth.

1. Mont Biscuit

Chocolats Favoris

Why You Need To Try It: Anyone and everyone that loves dessert has to discover this gooey, luxurious treat. It is a massive warm cookie, filled with Dulce de leche chocolate chips. This warm biscuit treat also sits atop a fluffy pillow of vanilla ice cream and both are smothered in Chocolats Favoris' iconic chocolate (which, of course, has 0 added oil whatsoever).

You can pick from from their 12 different chocolate options, which include staples like Cookies and Cream and S'Mores.

2. Affogato

Chocolats Favoris

Why You Need To Try It: Want to warm up on your afternoon break? Throw in a dash of sugar with this espresso shot served atop a bed of vanilla ice cream. This classic dessert is a legendary Italian treat that's only grown in popularity. Bitter mingles with sweet vanila for a unique flavor sensation. More of a mocha fan? You can get the "kooky" version; AKA, with chocolate or any combination of tasty toppings. Sugar and caffeine — yes, please.

3. Customized Hot Chocolate

Chocolats Favoris

Why You Need To Try It: Is there a better way to get to know a chocolatier than to go straight to the source? Hot chocolate is a classic. It's sweet. It’s comforting. And, at ChocoFav, you can make things a little bit more gourmand by combining any pair of the dozen unique chocolate flavours. Looking to take it even further? Toss on some chocolate mousse or whipped cream. You'll never be the same.

4. Ice Cream

Why You Need To Try It: A classic that turns into a little bit of a rebellious dessert come fall, ChocoFav’s ice cream should absolutely be enjoyed no matter what the weather looks like! Plus, you can bring yourself back to the times of summer with a vanilla cone, smothered in one of their 12 decadent chocolates. Chocolats Favoris has 40 years of perfecting the ice cream craft!

5. ChocoFav Poutine

Why You Need To Try It: Well, it's no secret that poutine is big in Montreal (and all of Quebec). But did you know that it is now an autumn food too? The dessert poutine is a truly one-of-a-kind dessert. Marshmallows emulate the gooey curds while sweet funnel cake pastries take the form of fries. It all comes doused with legendary chocolate, to boot! You can get a kooky edition where your poutine comes with delicious toppings. Talk about yum-factor.

6. The Ultimate Brownies

Chocolats Favoris

Why You Need To Try It: A dessert classic that is always sure to satiate your sweet tooth, these brownies are chewy and gooey in just the right way. Just bite into that luscious chocolate and cool off with the accompanying ice cream. With micro-cookies to add some crisp and a topping of whipped cream, this brownie has it all.

7. Molten Lava Cake

Chocolats Favoris

Why You Need To Try It: Iconic for the gooey explosion of chocolate lava, there is something special about the Chocolats Favoris version. It's deliciousness is rooted in the bittersweet dark chocolate's intensity. The lava carries the sweetness throughout the flavour. Plus, it just feels fancy to break into that cake's center. For added Insta inspo, this also comes with ice cream, the chocolate of your choosing, and can even come "kooky" - meaning you'll get to add your choice of toppings!

8. Cheesecake

Why You Need To Try It: Is there anything that blends the essence of dessert as well as a cheesecake? The rich topping carries the richness of cream cheese while the crust brings it all together. And Chocolat Favoris new autumn menu just made it that much better by adding their iconic chocolate. Feeling fancy? Order the kooky version and take it to the next level with toppings that express your inner-foodie style.

The autumn menu is all the buzz right now, and it totally makes sense. It helps to have a bit of sweetness take the edge off of the sting of this year. And these desserts do exactly that.

So get hyped up and head to Chocolats Favoris to claim your Mont Biscuit. Nothing makes a day memorable like a literal cookie mountain (smothered in chocolate, of course). Want to stay close to home? Try a take out kit and indulge in autumn comfort with the smell of fresh baked goods. Chocolate makes the world better one bite at a time, so go cocoa-loco and dig in!

Check out even more amazing desserts at the Chocolats Favoris website. Follow them on Instagram and Facebook and share your tasty treats on #chocofav and #chocolatsfavoris. Happy autumn!

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