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Quebec Is Going To Start Vaccinating The 'General Population' & Launch A Sign-Up Site

But everyone will have to wait their turn.
COVID-19 Vaccine Doses Will Soon Go To Quebec's General Population

Premier François Legault announced Tuesday that Quebec is set to start giving COVID-19 vaccine doses to the general population. The province will begin by vaccinating people born in 1936 or earlier.

The government is also launching a sign-up site for appointments that will go live on February 25.

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To vaccinate is to win against the pandemic.

Premier François Legault

The site will be at .

Residents without an internet connection can call 1-877-644-4545 to register.

However, Legault stressed that anyone younger than 85 years old has to wait their turn and not call or book a spot yet.

The government website notes that appointments will be mandatory.

The province's vaccination campaign will begin in the Montreal area, where a number of vaccination sites have already been announced.

The premier said that the move to administer doses to the general population represents a hopeful step forward, but he also urged caution.

"We have to be careful in the next weeks," he said, reminding listeners that COVID-19 virus variants continue to spread.

"If we don't pay attention, we could see the number of cases explode."

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