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Denis Coderre Wants To Ban Drinking In Parks After 8 PM If He's Elected Mayor Of Montreal

Valérie Plante said his proposal is "disconnected from reality."
Denis Coderre Wants To Ban Drinking In Parks After 8 PM If He's Elected Mayor Of Montreal

If elected mayor, Denis Coderre would ban all alcohol consumption in Montreal parks after 8 p.m., he said in a news conference on June 2.

Coderre's team told MTL Blog that his proposal is meant to provide police in Montreal with the tools to "help citizens regain a sense of calm."

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The statement cited "violence on the territory of Montreal, especially in the parks and on the streets" as justification for the move.

As the city's red zone curfew lifted this past weekend, large groups of young Montrealers flocked to the Old Port and downtown — some were seen crowd surfing, jumping off city art fixtures and partying.

However, Coderre's team said his proposed curfew could be temporary.

"The police need tools, even temporary ones, such as a ban on alcohol consumption at 8 p.m., [...] temporary measures should be advocated until Montreal gets back to normal," the statement said. 

Plante says Coderre's comments would penalize families and young Montrealers

According to TVA Nouvelles, Mayor Valérie Plante said Coderre's proposal is "very disconnected from reality." 

"A proposal [like this] would mostly penalize families and youth," Plante said. 

She said implementing a curfew on alcohol and forcing Montrealers to drink in a home is less safe than being able to drink in a park outdoors.

"Sixty percent of Montrealers have no yards and [we'll] say, 'No, the parks aren't for you, go [drink] in a basement,' [...] when we know it's much more secure to be outside," she said.

MTL Blog asked Coderre's team whether he thinks his curfew proposal would deter young Montrealers from voting for him in the next election but did not receive a response.

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