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Desjardins Montreal Is Hiring & All You Need Is A High School Diploma To Get Full Benefits

It starts at $22 an hour and you can work from home.
Desjardins Montreal Is Hiring & All You Need Is A High School Diploma To Get Full Benefits

With the cost of living being fairly high in the city, having a job that pays well isn't just an asset — it's often a necessity. If you're currently on the hunt for a job, Desjardins is hiring in Montreal, and the salary is as attractive as the benefits.

If you haven't heard of Desjardins, it's the largest cooperative financial group in Canada and one of the country's largest employers with over 47,000 employees.

It was also rated by Mediacorp Canada as one of Canada's top 100 employers in 2020 so, in all likelihood, it's a pretty good place to work.

Right now, Desjardins is looking for people to work for its call centre, and the gist of the job is client relations work.

The role comes with some pretty impressive perks, without requiring a university degree.

Both full-time and part-time positions are available. 

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There's even the possibility of working from home if that appeals to you, which is a huge advantage during a pandemic. 

The wage starts at $22.12 an hour plus a potential shift bonus, where applicable.

To apply, you must meet the following requirements:

  • Have a high school diploma or equivalent

  • Bilingualism (French and English)

  • Skilled with the use of technologies (web and mobile)

Your mandate would be to advise Desjardins members and clients by offering them a positive and unique customer experience.

As for the benefits, they include:

  • Complete training paid for by Desjardins
  • Possibility to be reimbursed for tuition fees
  • Defined benefit pension plan
  • Performance incentive plan
  • Up to $400 reimbursed annually for physical activities
  • Possibility of enrolling in a group RRSP
  • Exclusive premium discount on home & car insurance
  • Discount on annual fees for Desjardins credit cards
  • 20% discount on annual STM pass

Another benefit is that Desjardins claims to provide "a customized career development path with guiding support from your manager" so it seems like there could be opportunities for long-term growth and success within the company.

You can apply online by creating an account on the Desjardins Workday page, or via LinkedIn.

Call Centre Advisor

Salary: Starting at $22.12 per hour

Company: Desjardins

Why you should apply: A remote job with many benefits and a good salary.

Click here to apply

This article was originally published in French on Narcity Québec.

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