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Here's What Drinks Rapper 'Waka Flocka Flame' Ordered At Montreal's Marché Des Éclusiers

We spoke to the bar manager.
Here's What Drinks Rapper 'Waka Flocka Flame' Ordered At Montreal's Marché Des Éclusiers

Atlanta rapper Waka Flocka Flame is currently visiting Montreal, and he's been seen around the city — recently at Bord'Elle, The Farsides and Messorem Bracitorium.

According to the bar manager at Marché des Éclusiers, Waka stopped by the boho outdoor market on June 12. Waka's business partner, Stally, confirmed Waka was there for a meeting, and we got the inside scoop on what he ordered.

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Julian Martins, bar manager at Marché des Éclusiers, told MTL Blog that Waka came up to him and asked him what Montrealers like to drink. 

Martins recalled him saying, "Hey man, you look like the person to ask. What do y’all drink here in Montreal? Cause I’m from the States and we like doing Jäger bombs, and sake bombs... that kinda thing."

"I replied, 'Well, we don’t really drop bombs here in Canada, but on a terrasse in Montreal, definitely some rosé," Martins said.

Martins said he recommended one of Marché des Éclusiers' signature cocktails, the Cachaca Mama — a twist on margaritas, made with Cachaça Leblon, Patron tequila, lime juice and orgeat syrup.

Martins said Waka headed back to his table, ordered two magnum bottles of rosé and "many rounds" of Cachaca Mamas, then approached him as he was leaving and said, "Yo, those Mamas were dope mang, thanks again."

"He was really chill, friendly and approachable," Martins told MTL Blog.

"[It] was a pleasure to have him at Marché dès Éclusiers."

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