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Environment Canada Predicts A Wind Chill Of -38 C On Its Way To Greater Montreal This Week

Missing summer weather right about now... 🥶

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Environment Canada Predicts A Wind Chill Of -38 C On Its Way To Greater Montreal This Week

We're about to get hit with some freezing cold weather in the next few days, as temperatures below -20 degrees are coming to Quebec following the storm that took place this weekend and that brought snow everywhere in the province.

The city has not yet been spared by the winter temperatures as Environment Canada just issued an extreme cold alert for the Greater Montreal area.

"The combination of an Arctic airmass and brisk winds will give wind chill values of approximately -38 Tuesday morning," the government alert stated.

The areas affected by the extreme cold are Chateauguay - La Prairie, the island of Montreal, Laval, and Longueuil - Varennes.

This Tuesday, The Weather Networks predicts a temperature felt of -30 C in the city, but this situation shouldn't last too long, because Wednesday it will be -12 C felt.

Note that, according to the same source, this is the first time since December 2017 that night temperatures of -25 degrees are expected.

Be aware that there is a health risk from exposure to extreme cold, especially for "young children, older adults, people with chronic illnesses, people working or exercising outdoors, and those without proper shelter," according to Environment Canada.

It is also recommended that you avoid taking your pet outside, as their health could also be at risk. Even though they're furry beings, some animals aren't used to this type of cold weather.

The extreme cold can also cause frostbite and hypothermia. So avoid going outside without enough cover, put on your warmest sweaters, your thickest hat and arm yourself with your mittens.

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