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Say Goodbye To Canadian Greyhound Routes, Montreal

Greyhound will no longer provide bus service to Ottawa or Toronto (or anywhere in Canada).
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Say Goodbye To Canadian Greyhound Routes, Montreal

If you rely on Greyhound busses to get between Montreal and other Canadian cities, such as Toronto or Ottawa, you'll have to start looking for a new mode of transit.  

Greyhound Canada announced on Thursday that it would be shutting down all operations on its remaining routes in Ontario and Quebec, as it permanently discontinues service across Canada. The change is effective at midnight on May 13. 

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The good news is that Greyhound Lines, Inc. (USA) is separate from Greyhound Canada, which means Montrealers can still use Greyhound to get to the U.S. 

When the Canada-U.S. border reopens, so will Greyhound routes from Montreal to New York and Montreal to Boston, according to the news release. 

If you already bought a Greyhound bus ticket for travel within Canada after May 13, you can request a refund by calling 1-800-661-TRIP (8747) — but you'll need to do so before June 30.

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