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Here's What Legault Thinks You Should Do Instead Of Gathering This Christmas

If you LOVE naps, you're in for a treat.
Here's What Legault Thinks You Should Do Instead Of Gathering This Christmas

If you're wondering what to do with yourself on Christmas now that Quebec has cancelled holiday gatherings, Premier François Legault has some suggestions for you.

In a press conference on December 3, Legault announced that the government was reversing its decision to allow groups of 10 to gather in red zones from December 24 to 27.

So, what will Christmas look like this year then? 

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We have to try and look on the bright side.

Premier François Legault

According to Legault, "We will be able to take little naps [...] in the afternoon. After lunch, read books — all kinds of books. And do Zooms, Teams, [and] call each other on the phone."

So basically: nap, read and Zoom. It's not the Christmas many of us had hoped for... but it doesn't sound half bad either. 

"We're not going to have visitors in our homes. [...] It will be a quiet Christmas and I think it's important to keep it that way," Legault said. 

You can also visit Quebecers who live alone, as long as you go on your own. This is something Legault has encouraged since the start of the pandemic and which he said still applies during the holiday season. 

If you enjoy your Legault-approved Christmas festivities and are looking to plan a Legault-style New Year's Eve celebration, then he's got you covered for that too.

He recently recommended Quebecers ring in 2021 by watching Radio-Canada's Bye Bye, an annual Québécois sketch comedy special on TV.  

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