I Tried The "Ultimate Chocolate Expedition" In The Mile End & Here's What I Thought

'Round Table Tours shows you the bean-to-bar movement here in Montreal.
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I Tried The "Ultimate Chocolate Expedition" In The Mile End & Here's What I Thought

Does your heart do a little dance every time you think of chocolate? If so, I may have just discovered the perfect tour in the city for you to try. I took one of the coolest chocolate tours in Montreal and let me tell you, it was so much more than just chocolate. 

The tour was hosted by Mélissa Simard of 'Round Table Tours. This company has a list of amazing walking tours that combine food and history. If there are two things that we have here in Montreal, they're exactly that.

This tour looked at the bean-to-bar movement here in the city, particularly in the Mile End region.

Now, we all know that Mile End is the arts neighbourhood in the most artistic city in the country. And let me tell you: there is an absolute art to chocolate.

But, are you really surprised?

The tour started at Chocolat Monarque, where we met Daniel, owner and chocolatier, who gave an absolute Chocolate 101 mini-class — touching on everything from how the science of chocolate to all the machinery involved.

He even answered every single one of my questions. And good news, I can now tell you that cocoa is a fruit.

We then made our way through Mile End up to Little Italy, with stops at places like La Tamalera and Alambika.

Along the way, we chatted about the city, its history and architecture. There were even things that a local could learn to give you an even deeper love and pride for the city.

Our last stop was État du Choc, probably the most gorgeous store I've ever been in, chocolate or otherwise. Here we about the proper steps to enjoy chocolate with all of our senses.

Not just completely devour it like I usually do.

And just like that, the tour was done. I can honestly say that  I didn't want it to end.

The tour is running this summer with safety precautions. We wore masks, washed and sanitized at every opportunity and kept socially distanced.

Needless to say, I cannot recommend this tour enough.

Between the stops, the chocolate and spending the day with Mélissa, it was such a fun way to learn more about the city and chocolate, it'll satisfy more than just your sweet tooth.

Montreal: Ultimate Chocolate Expedition

Where: Mile End

Duration: 4 hours

Price: Currently running private tours for up to 5 people for $400 +tax ($80 per person)

Why you have to go: To learn more about the city and to learn how to become a chocolate connoisseur. 


Gabi Sandler
Contributing Writer
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