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Legault Explained What The U.S. Election Could Mean For Quebec

"The United States will always be our great partner," said Legault.
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Legault Explained What The U.S. Election Could Mean For Quebec

In a press conference on Thursday, Premier François Legault elaborated on his thoughts about the U.S. election and what its results could mean for Quebec. 

While the premier didn’t comment on who he believes might win, he stressed the need for Quebec to maintain "good relations" with the U.S. 

Citing "protectionist rhetoric" on "both sides," Legault said it's important for Quebec, along with the Canadian federal government, "to make a great deal of effort to get closer to the new government or if it's the same one, to the states [and] governors."

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No matter if it's Mr. Biden or Mr. Trump, the United States is always going to remain a very, very important, crucial partner for Quebec.

Premier François Legault

Regardless of the election outcome, the premier said he sees an opportunity to increase exports from Quebec throughout the United States.

According to data from the Government of Canada, in 2018, the Quebec-U.S. trade relationship represented 69.7% of the total value of exports, which equaled $64.3 billion in trade between the two nations.

While, according to the premier, Quebec and the northeastern states such as New York and Massachusetts have good relations with the province, he's looking to expand Quebec's economic reach, potentially into California and Texas.

"I think there is an exceptional opportunity to increase our exports in, among others, these two states," he said.

Legault has said that he doesn't want to get mixed up in the election politics, but like many of us, he seems to be watching the election play out with anticipation. 

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