Legault Warned Quebecers That Both Gym Owners & Clients Could Be Fined If They Break Rules

Premier François Legault issued a stern warning to Quebec gym owners and customers as parts of the province head into a second four-week partial lockdown.

The premier made clear at a press conference Tuesday afternoon that both owners and clients could face fines if they break the rules.

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Regarding the gymnasiums, we'll ask the police [...] to give fines to the owners and to the customers.

Premier François Legault 

"I think we're doing our best with the information we have," said Legault, responding to a journalist's question. 

Faced with mounting criticism from some sectors regarding the lockdown extension, the premier downplayed concerns about threats to "social peace," in the words of opposition leader Dominique Anglade.

"There's no problem with the vast majority of Quebecers," Legault said.

The premier also noted that he believes it's "not responsible from the opposition not to support the measures."

Since the second lockdown began, gym owners and clients across the province have bemoaned not being able to work out. 

Now that the province is locked down for another four weeks, some gym owners are taking matters into their own hands and promising to open despite the government's warnings.