You Can Get Cookie Dough Cups In Montreal & They're Almost Too Pretty To Eat

If you're a fan of cookies like me, then you also dream of a cookie cup with your favourite stuffings inside. And, when it comes to Montreal and cookies, the city knows what's up. One local student has started making all of our cookie dreams come true with her company CupOtella.

Olivia, a business student at Concordia from LaSalle, started the company just seven months ago in January. 

Since then, CupOtella has become known for being both delicious and absolutely gorgeous creations. 

Her cookie dough cups are about the size of a mini cupcake and are filled with ooey-gooey fillings that you just can't get enough of.

She started with just four flavours: Nutella, Ferrero, Reese’s and Oreo. But I'm sure you can guess she had lots of demand, not only for more cookie dough cups, but for more flavours.

Olivia now offers eight flavours, including Aero, cookie dough, birthday cake and chocolate chip cookie, some made with a mousse filling.

There are also more flavours in the making...

Orders can be made by the dozen, starting with 12 for $20, and each additional dozen costing $10.

Each box can contain up to four flavours, with extra flavours costing an extra charge.

You can also get custom letters made from chocolate. The perfect way to celebrate a birthday, anniversary, graduation or just a Wednesday if you want. 

Any chance to celebrate with cookies must be taken.

She's even teamed with Callikoo Designs to create beautiful custom-designed cards.

Talk about a sweet gift.

And because they're becoming so popular, Olivia is working on a "mega cup", an even bigger cookie cup and a "cup o cake," a cake sized version.

Olivia told MTL Blog that "every CupOtella is made with the most TLC and I hope to continue this great adventure. Thanks to all my customers." 

Because it's all about the TLC: tender, love, and cookies.

If you live in LaSalle, then you're in luck... CupOtella is available for delivery.

For all other regions, you'll have to do pick-up, but trust me, it's worth the drive.

You can order CupOtella by sending a direct message on Instagram or emailing