Montreal Election Polls Are About To Close & Plante Had The Lead In The Latest Poll

With Montreal election polling stations set to close at 8 p.m., the latest poll from Léger and the Journal de Montréal showed incumbent mayor Valérie Plante ahead of her opponents.

The poll, which reached 515 voters between November 3 and 4, had Valérie Plante leading rival Denis Coderre by five percentage points overall (including decided and undecided voters).

Plante was the favourite among 40% of respondents. Ensemble Montréal and Denis Coderre weren't far behind with 35% support.

Balarama Holness and the upstart Mouvement Montréal has support from 13% of poll respondents.

It's been a tight race right up to the end, with the mayoral candidates duking it out for the future of Montreal.

But anything can happen on election night.

Who's going to be Montreal's new mayor? Stay tuned to MTL Blog to find out!

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