Montreal French Street Names Butchered By Google Maps

Anne-grig-non. Kemin dé la Coat-Sainte-CaTH-er-in. Autoroot Trans-ca-NAY-di-ANNE. These baffling mispronunciations might sound familiar to any Montrealer in need of directions from a navigation system set to English.

The robots' woefully ignorant endeavours to understand and utter Montreal's French street names are the focus of a recent Reddit post.

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"Only a Montrealer can appreciate this voice recognition error," Reddit user u/mrmdc wrote in the caption of their post, a screenshot showing Google's attempt to send them to "the corner of leisure and lingerie" — a salacious interpretation of the city's boulevards "Léger" and "Langelier."

"I prefer the mistake tbh," u/mrmdc wrote.

The post inspired other Montrealers to take to the comments with their own favourite navigation system misunderstandings.

User u/BaguetteStix's "Boulevard Renay Luhvaysqueue," u/JohnWesternburg's "Roo Hokelaga," u/seanziewonzie's "Roo Gene Tallen West," and u/zuss33's "Roo Day Carey" are some of the most popular offerings.

But u/mrmdc told MTL Blog their favourite has to be u/curry_fiend's "Kemin duh la kote dess nayjess."