Montreal Has Been Ranked 41st Best City In The World... Way Behind Toronto

What did we do to deserve this terrible ranking?
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Montreal Has Been Ranked 41st Best City In The World... Way Behind Toronto

Is Montreal really the best city in the world? Apparently not, according to Resonance Consultancy's 2021 Best Cities report

Our home was ranked 41st out of 100 — way behind Toronto (13th) and Vancouver (34th) with their high rents and questionable food offerings. 

What did Montreal do to deserve this mediocre ranking? Who from Montreal hurt you, Resonance Consultancy?

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41st Montreal's Ranking On The 2021 Best Cities Report

The pandemic has definitely factored into these rankings, with many large cities being hard hit by the virus.

"A city’s performance for factors such as Facebook check-ins, Instagram mentions, recommended culinarily experiences, museums, nightlife, culture and shopping have some of the highest correlations with not only the number of visitors a city receives, but with investment and economic growth as well," said Chris Fair, president and CEO of Resonance. 

Montreal ranked 22nd for equality and 25th for cultural events. Despite our diverse and highly-educated populace, we only ranked 30th for education and 31st for foreign-born population. 

In other categories, Montreal ranked 47th for prosperity, 42nd for food, shopping and nightlife, 29th for diversity — perfectly average in almost all categories. 

"It’s becoming increasingly clear: the city’s future may be more dependent on its growing brains than on its considerable heart," according to the ranking. 

The top spot on the ranking, if you're wondering, went to London.

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