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Montreal Has To Drain A Stream Because It Was Used To Dump Wastewater

Environmentalists are very upset about this.

Montreal Has To Drain A Stream Because It Was Used To Dump Wastewater

Montreal will have to drain the Meadowbrook stream that flows through Montréal-Ouest and Côte-Saint-Luc because of wastewater pollution, according to the Fondation Rivières, a group that advocates for the protection of rivers and streams.

The foundation says that "the Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Housing (MAMH) and the Ministry of the Environment and the Fight against Climate Change (MELCC) know the problem but have failed in their obligation to impose the necessary corrective measures."

Due to Montréal-Ouest and Côte-Saint-Luc's inaction on the issue, the foundation says, the City of Montreal is now on the hook to build a pipe that diverts wastewater out of the stream. That'll cost taxpayers around $1.5 million, according to the foundation.

It says there has been a measure to solve the problem since 2007, but authorities didn't take action.

"It's pathetic that a municipality has never been required to carry out work or to respect a simple action plan," Alain Saladzius, president of Fondation Rivières, said in a statement.

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