Montreal Hudson's Bay Building Might Get A New Tower (PHOTOS)

Downtown Montreal might be getting a new addition to its skyline. A proposal outlined in Montreal City Council documents calls for the construction of a 25-storey skyscraper at the site of a Hudson's Bay store.

The proposal aims to demolish a portion of the structure built in the '60s and build a tower with some 63,000 square metres of office space

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120 metres heigh of the proposed tower

Towering above Boulevard de Maisonneuve, the new building would consist of four layered blocks, three of which would "overhang" a section of the store constructed in the 1920s.

The proposal calls for each layer to have a landscaped roof. The oldest section of the store — the famous structure right across from Square Philips — would also have a publicly accessible rooftop terrace.

This part of the building, known as the Colonial House, would be restored.

What's now the Hudson's Bay building opened in 1891 as the location of a local store called Morgan's.

According to HBC Heritage, it quickly became one of Montreal's landmark retail locations and helped turn Ste-Catherine street into a shopping destination.

Montreal City Council

Hudson's Bay purchased Morgan's in 1960. 

The store most recently underwent renovations in 2001, according to Hudson's Bay.