Montreal Hudson's Bay Proposed Tower Deemed Too Tall

A project proposal to build a giant tower on top of the Montreal Hudson's Bay store could be going back to the drawing board after the Office de consultation publique de Montréal (OCPM) deemed it too tall.

After consulting with "more than 1,500 citizens," the OCPM has recommended that developers should "significantly lower its height" before it can be given final approval.

In February 2021, the Montreal city council was handed a proposal to build a 25-storey skyscraper on top of Hudson's Bay as part of a larger restoration project for the historic retail store.

The proposed project aimed to "allow the construction of an extension of 120 meters in height (25 floors) with a transparent glass envelope; the construction of 3 elevated sections, each with a roof terrace; the opening of a public access sidewalk café above the Colonial House; the restoration of the original facades of the La Baie store; and the removal of the awnings."

The OCMP has made a series of recommendations, chief among them that "the borough not grant the exemption allowing a height of 120 meters, but rather authorize a significantly lower height."