Montreal is getting another spectacular terrasse — and this one's taking the concept to new heights. The Café Bloc climbing centre recently announced that it will be opening a rooftop terrasse on August 4, 2020. Located on boulevard Saint-Laurent, this is going to be a spot "where it will be possible to relax, enjoy a microbrewery beer, study under the sun, meet friends, and CLIMB!"

The main attraction will be an over 30-feet-wide by 15-feet-high climbing wall that, according to a press release, will "allow climbers to indulge in their sport in the open air with a breathtaking view of downtown Montreal."

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Café Bloc claims that this is the "first outdoor climbing wall in Montreal to be installed on a roof, perched between two skyscrapers" — which is either pretty cool or terrifying depending on your comfort with heights.

But why not take this as an opportunity to conquer those fears in a fun environment where there's beer waiting as a reward?

The terrasse is an addition to the already-impressive interior with over 4,000 square feet of towering climbing walls.

The establishment's website describes it as "a friendly and inclusive space, allowing both self-transcendence and chilling, in good company."

The café-gym, "located in a former peep show on the Main," was the conception of friends and climbing fanatics Jean-François Gravel and Sébastien Aubé, who converted the "creepy," "halfway demolished" structure "with a foul smell and a leaking roof" into an expansive, bright place to hang out and have fun.

There are numerous packages available for visitors to check out.

The daily admission is $20, a monthly subscription at $78 per adult, and a monthly pass based on a yearly subscription is $66 per month. 

If you're looking for a unique activity with friends, or a memorable date idea, this may just be the perfect spot for you.

Get all the details below.

Café Bloc Terrasse

Price: Starting at $20 per day

When: Opens August 4, 2020

Address: 1209-1211, boulevard St-Laurent

Why You Need To Go: To grab a beer, take in the views, and climb to new heights