Montrealers Took To The Streets Today To Protest For Their 'Rights And Liberties' (VIDEO)

It's said to be an "Anti-Lockdown" protest.
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Montrealers Took To The Streets Today To Protest For Their 'Rights And Liberties' (VIDEO)

On Sunday, December 20, a Montreal protest took place in which locals allegedly protested for "their rights and liberties," according to Véronique Comtois, media relations officer for the SPVM.

Due to the fact that the protest was ongoing at the time of the call between the SPVM and MTL Blog, Officer Comtois said she was unable to provide information related to the number of attendees or organizers for security reasons.

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More details about the protest, including an estimate of how many people were in attendance, will be available once it's over, Comtois told us.

The SPVM confirmed that every time a protest is held in the city, “[police] are there… for everyone’s security” and ensure all “rules” are being followed.

The video above was sent to MTL Blog by an onlooker at Sherbrooke E. near Parc La Fontaine. It shows protesters heading east, with a variety of signs and flags, including the Quebec flag.

Other locals shared videos or photos of the protest from different vantage points.

One user took to Twitter to describe the demonstration as an "Anti-Lockdown Protest."

This protest follows Premier Legault's recent announcement that non-essential stores will be closed from December 25 to January 10, inclusively.

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