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Here's What Approx. $1M Can Get You In Real Estate In Different Areas Around Montreal

Turns out a million dollars doesn't ALWAYS go a long way...
Here's What Approx. $1M Can Get You In Real Estate In Different Areas Around Montreal

Would you rather live in a small space in the city or have a big ol' house in the suburbs? This is a burning question that anyone looking to buy Montreal real estate has to ask themselves. 

One million dollars might sound like an enormous amount of money but when it comes to buying a home, it's not always that much.

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A million can get you a magnificent home or it could get you a 1-bedroom apartment — depending on which area you're looking in.

So, if you've got yourself an approximately $1 million budget, this is what you can get both on the island and off of it.

2-Bedroom Condo In Downtown Montreal

Rozenblat Realty

Price: $1,225,000

Address: 2333, rue Sherbrooke O., Montreal, QC

Description: Centrally located between the Golden Square Mile and Westmount, this building built in 1911 is a historical gem.

This building also has a doorman 24/7, a pool and a gym — all of which are major perks.

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1-Bedroom Condo In Westmount

Christina Miller Real Estate Group Francis L’Hotelin

Price: $829,000

Address: 1, ave. Wood, Westmount, QC

Description: Westmount is basically Beverly Hills of Montreal, which explains why the homes are so pricey.

This apartment may be small, but it is situated in one of the most prestigious parts of our city.

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Magazine Worthy Home In Laval

Alessio Varano | Centris

Price: $989,000

Address: 7363, boul. Levesque E., Laval, QC

Description: Located off the island, this breathtaking Laval home truly looks like it belongs in a magazine.

And, what's even more impressive is that they are asking is less than $1 million for this luxurious property. Not bad, right?

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2-Bedroom Condo In Saint Henri

Marc Harroch | RE/MAX

Price: $1,189,000

Address: 3741, rue St-Ambroise, Montreal, QC

Description: Located in one of Montreal's most loved areas, this 2-bedroom 2-bathroom condo is fully renovated, spacious and spread out on two floors.

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Gorgeous Cottage In Brossard

David Lambert | Centris

Price: $1,149,000

Address: 8105, ave. Saguenay, Brossard, QC

Description: This beautiful home offers a ton of space including six bedrooms, four and a half bathrooms and even has a fireplace.

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5-Bedroom Home In Cote-Saint-Luc

Rozenblat Realty Group

Price: $1,188,000

Address: 5808, Shalom Road, Cote-Saint-Luc, QC

Description: Located on an amazing street, this spacious semi-detached has a lot to offer any buyer.

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Large Family Home In The West Island


Price: $929,000

Address: 374, Windermere Road, Beaconsfield, QC

Description: This stunning four-bedroom classic cottage has a lot of incredible features. The fully renovated home was done with quality finishes and will make whoever buys this very lucky.

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