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MTL Chefs Are Swapping Kitchens & You Can Try Their Special Food Collabs For 1 Week

Ever wish for a hybrid meal that combined your two favourite restaurants?
MTL Chefs Are Swapping Kitchens & You Can Try Their Special Food Collabs For 1 Week

Have you ever wondered what it would taste like if your two favourite Montreal restaurants teamed up, swapped chefs , merged their talents and created the ultimate delicious food creation? Then check out Sysco Grand Montréal 's new initiative, # ChefsÀEmporter .

It pairs 10 famous Montreal chefs with restaurants that aren't their own to create limited-edition dishes. The goal? "U nite industry players [and] create solidarity among chefs, by supporting each other, and working together to promote local restaurants ," according to a press release.

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As an example, Antonio Park of Park Restaurant created the AP Sandwich for Café Milano , which was available to order at Café Milano for one week.

The AP Sandwich is no longer available, but until May 9, the remaining pairs will be serving up unique, collaborative and delicious dishes you can try.

These are the pairings:

  • Antonio Park (Park Restaurant) x Café Milano
  • Nicolas Dutertre (Chocolate Academy) x Gentile Pizza Parlour
  • Marcus Sahou (Foiegwa & Fugazzi) x Spice Bros
  • Joris Larigaldie (l’hôtel W Montréal) x 40 Westt
  • Gilles Tolen (Restaurant Henri) x B&M Déjeuner
  • Riccardo Bertolino (Piazza Sociale) x Corneli
  • Simon Mathys (Mastard) x Gentile
  • Thierry Daraize x Farsides
  • Olivier Perret (Renoir Sofitel) x Deville Dinerbar
  • Frédéric Dufort (chez Lionel) x Yo Mama’s Burger

The specific dishes are a surprise and are only revealed on a week-by-week basis. Peep the Sysco Grand Montreal website and Instagram on the Monday the dish becomes available to catch the big reveal.

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