Montreal Will Get Hundreds Of New Communauto Cars & Finding Them Will Be A LOT Easier

The city is accelerating into a car-sharing fast lane.

MTL Blog, Associate Editor
​A Communauto Flex vehicle in Montreal.

A Communauto Flex vehicle in Montreal.

You could soon say goodbye to pesky potholes spoiling your personal ride because Montreal is making car-sharing easier than ever. The city has teamed up with Communauto to make commuting more efficient and eco-friendly with the addition of 885 new vehicles this year, around 350 of which will be located in "station-zones" dotted around the city.

The pilot project, set to launch in 10 boroughs with the help of the l'Agence de mobilité, will mean 3,700 Communauto vehicles ready for Montrealers to use by the end of 2023.

"By improving the car-sharing service, we continue to encourage more Montrealers to choose this alternative to solo driving," said Sophie Mauzerolle, Montreal Executive Committee Member Responsible for Transportation.

It's part of the city's plan to give people more options for getting around, cut down on traffic, and support t transport, she said.

Car-sharing is already having a big impact in Montreal. A recent Communauto survey found that 78% of people who use Communauto sold their car or decided not to buy one. And they're driving 34% less every year.

The new station-zones, which have been tested in the Plateau and Rosemont, are designed to make car-sharing more convenient. Unlike regular stations, cars in these zones can be reserved up to a month in advance and can be parked anywhere within a certain area, not just in specific spots, simplifying pick-up and drop-off.

Around 100 more reserved stations are being added around the city, especially in the boroughs of Saint-Laurent and Rivière-des-Prairies. FLEX zones, where cars can be picked up and dropped off are also being expanded to the central part of Lachine and further east in Montréal-Nord.

Communauto also plans to add new types of cars to its fleet, including minivans. Despite some difficulties getting enough new cars due to a market shortage, they're aiming to add 80 electric vehicles by the end of the year.

Sofia Misenheimer
MTL Blog, Associate Editor
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