Communauto Increases Its Fleet As Quebecers Use The Car Share Service At Record Numbers

Communauto has ordered 1,300 new vehicles in time for summer 2022!

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Communauto car parked on Montreal street.

Communauto car parked on Montreal street.

Considering the increasing cost of gas across Quebec, the cost of parking in the city, and of course, Montreal traffic, it appears as if car rental services, mainly Communauto, are being turned to a lot more. According to a March 24 press release, Communauto stated that the number of service users spiked by an impressive 30% in 2021.

Communauto, which serves as the largest carsharing service in Canada, and as the oldest in North America, is now expanding its vehicle fleet in order to meet the increasing demand.

The carsharing service has ordered 1,300 new vehicles just in time for summer 2022 — despite car industry supply issues, which could last until 2023, Communauto said.

The majority of Communauto's fleet expansion is needed for Montreal. The city will be receiving 800 new vehicles (200 in stations and 600 for the FLEX service) in the coming months, per the release.

Communauto shared that by the end of summer, Montrealers can expect more than 3,000 vehicles to be available.

"Communauto is responding to the significant growth in demand we saw in 2021 by planning a major increase to our service. This growing demand demonstrates the importance of carsharing as an urban mobility solution that is more sustainable and efficient than the personal car," Benoit Robert said, president and founder of Communauto.

In Quebec City, Communauto will increase its fleet to more than 300 cars, with the addition of 45 vehicules, including 15 for the FLEX service.

Communauto also plans on expanding its service to Hamilton, Ontario, where the FLEX service will be available soon, the head of the carsharing service said.

The skyrocketing recent gas prices are likely to boost the demand for more Communautos across Montreal and many other regions across Quebec and Ontario.

"The best way to cope with the rising cost of gas is more cycling, walking and public transit – and supplementing with carsharing," added Benoit Robert.

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