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Montrealers Can Finally See What The Inside Of A REM Station Will Look Like (VIDEO)

Thanks to a virtual video tour.
Montrealers Can Finally See What The Inside Of A REM Station Will Look Like (VIDEO)

If you were wondering what the inside of a REM station will look like, your wishes have been answered. 

That's right, Montrealers can finally see what the inside of a REM station will look like thanks to a new virtual video tour released by the REM and Lemay. 

The short yet sweet video shows off the features that commuters will find at the Fairview-Pointe-Claire stop.

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What will the REM Fairview-Pointe-Claire station be like?

The immersive video tour starts you off in the parking lot, establishing the vast scale of the new station along an elevated section of track.

Inside, customers will be welcomed by an information booth and ticket machines. 

They'll also note some of the guiding notions of REM station architecture: "transparency, movement and wood."

Like all West Island stations, Fairview-Pointe-Claire will follow a green colour theme.

Taking an elevator or escalator up to the second level, customers will find the train platforms, long, naturally-lit corridors complete with safety doors and highly-visible information panels.

When the station is complete, passengers will be able to access downtown Montreal in less than 30 minutes.

The REM's elevated stations will be unique in Quebec

Fairview-Pointe-Claire will be one of six aerial stations.

"It’s the first time Quebecers will see this type of structure in their landscape," a REM representative told MTL Blog. 

"This type of structure allows these future REM stations to serve thousands of people without fragmenting the territory by keeping the vast majority of pedestrians, bicycle and road access open," they said.

The elevated section that includes Fairview-Pointe-Claire station will "also [limit] the footprint and [minimize] the impact on roads by spanning the highway 40's entrance and exit ramps."

How goes the REM construction? 

Some of you might've already seen the progress in the West Island, with structures towering over Highway 40 and the stations taking shape near the Fairview Mall and further down in Beaconsfield. 

The REM is also spurring other development in the West Island.

One proposed project — to give the area its own shining downtown hub near the Fairview-Pointe-Claire station — would slowly begin to take shape in 10 to 15 years.

In October, the first REM cars arrived in Montreal just in time for winter testing. The cars will undergo these tests on the South Shore, where the REM will maintain a maintenance centre. 

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