Montreal's Chaotic Do-Gooders Are Back & They Gave Gifts To Random People Downtown (VIDEO)

Although there isn't much to be cheerful about this year, two Montrealers took it upon themselves to change that by giving out holiday gifts to random people on the street downtown

If you were walking around rue Saint-Catherine recently, you might've seen Montreal's resident chaotic do-gooders, Evgeny Patvakanov and Victor René de Cotret putting a smile on the faces of passersby. You might've even gotten a gift yourself! 

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The goal of our videos is to do chaotic good and make people around us feel good. 

Evgeny Patvakanov

Donning costumes — dressed as Santa and his reindeer — and respecting social distancing, Patvakanov and René de Cotret collected some $300 worth of various gifts, lovingly wrapped them, and took to the streets to spread the cheer. 

Patvakanov told MTL Blog, "We wanted to surprise Montrealers and cheer them up during these times, especially with the holidays coming up." 

If budget Saint Nick looks familiar, you have a good memory!

Back in August, these well-intentioned pranksters left dozens of watermelons on random doorsteps in the Bois-Franc neighbourhood to bring some "cheer" to dark times. 

Patvakanov and René de Cotret first caught Montreal's attention when they tipped fast-food workers hundreds of dollars this summer.