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Montreal's Colourful Black Lives Matter Mural Was Officially Removed

This street art mural was always meant to be temporary.
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Montreal's Colourful Black Lives Matter Mural Was Officially Removed

Back in July, a Montreal Black Lives Matter mural popped up on Sainte-Catherine between the streets of Saint-Andre and Saint-Hubert, with a message being heard all across the world: "La vie des noir.e.s compte." 

The street mural, a joint project between Fondation Dynastie, Never Was Average and The City Of Montreal created an incredibly beautiful and powerful piece that is was as colourful and diverse as the world that we strive to live in. 

On Tuesday, October 14, the removal process began to clear the installation and make way for the re-opening of this section of Sainte-Catherine for vehicle traffic. 

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We spoke with Lana Denina, one of the many local talents who was part of the project, about how she feels now that the mural is no longer.

"It was really an honour to be part of the mural," Denina says. "It was a piece of art made by many different artist[s] coming together to tell one very strong message," she told MTL Blog.

"It is sure that we are sad to see the mural being erased, but everything is ephemere."

"I look at it on a positive note, because I really hope that in the near future we won’t HAVE to say that Black lives matter, that it will be evident."

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