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Montreal's New Holiday Market Has 60 Kinds Of Plants & We Need 'Em All To Get Through 2020

One of everything, please!
Montreal's New Holiday Market Has 60 Kinds Of Plants & We Need 'Em All To Get Through 2020

Holiday markets are one of the few things we can do for fun right now — and they won't be around much longer with non-essential businesses set to close on December 25. But if you're starting to tire of typical Christmas goods, this Saturday's holiday market at Leaves House on avenue McGill College is expected to be un-be-leaf-able!

Why? There will be over 60 types of tropical plants, including rare plants, as well as hand-made macrame and other plant-related gift ideas. 

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60+  Varieties of plants for sale 

Plus, proceeds from the event go to support the Greenhound Canada Foundation "to build mental health wellness programs and our healing garden spaces across Canada," according to the Facebook event page

"We hope this market will provide people a chance to interact and support in their community in a safe environment," said Greenhound's co-founder Kelvin Mok. 

Times are tough right now, and plants are known as a way to improve mental health — boosting self-esteem and mood while reducing anger. 

This makes them the perfect holiday gift for anyone living through a pandemic right now (so... everyone) including yourself.

Some of the rare plants that will be available for sale are Alocasia black velvet, Monstera adansonii "wide," Philodendron atabapoense and Syngonium variegata.

If you're not a plant person, Google them because they're beauties.

"As well [there will be] other small business owners, including us," said Patricia Chiniara, a local artisan and co-founder of MTLA Studio.

"We will be selling a big amount of printed illustrations, oil paintings, bookmarks, cards and other artwork."

In addition to MTLA, vendors include Urban Homestead Montreal, Montreal Creations Boutique, Dorothee St-Jean, Les Filles Plantées and Coleopterra Boutique.

The Facebook event also gives examples of the plant accessories for sale, such as hand-painted clay pots, terrariums and terrarium kits.

If you want some new green friends to lift your spirits during the "holiday pause period," this is your best shot! 

Holiday Plant Market 

Price: Free entry + the cost of purchases 

When: Saturday, December 19 from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m.

Address: 1800, avenue McGill College

Why You Need To Go: Get plant babies while you still can and raise money for mental health wellness at the same time. 

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