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Montreal park with people sitting in the grass.

Montreal park with people sitting in the grass.

It's officially May, and the month is starting off with a bang when it comes to the Montreal weather forecast.

To start off this flower-blooming month, Mother Nature is gifting us some gorgeous weather to help get this year's park hangs started.

According to The Weather Network, the first day of the week is going to be the prettiest with a high of 19 degrees expected throughout the city — the perfect cure for any Monday blues you may encounter.

Tuesday is only going to be one degree less than the previous day, so really there's no complaining to be expected from anyone who enjoys summer weather.

Wednesday and Saturday will be the coldest days of the week, with 13-degree highs anticipated both days.

Thursday, Friday and Sunday are also expected to have some ideal park hang weather of 14 and 15 degrees and mainly sunny. You may just need a little blanket or jacket when the sun goes down, but we all know how that goes by now.

The only downfall of this week is that the April showers seem to be seeping into May this year, which is why we can expect a chance of a little rain every day except Thursday and Sunday. If you're trying to decide which day to spend outside with your favourite people, those two days will probably be your best bet.

Plus on Sunday, 11 hours of sun are expected, so you can be out for half the day without getting too chilly!

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