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Here's The Quebec Weather Forecast For Every Month Of Spring 2022

Patiently waiting for tulip season to begin! 🌷

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Here's The Quebec Weather Forecast For Every Month Of Spring 2022

The majority of Quebecers are likely very anxious to see the end of winter, and really, who could blame us?

But in hopes of looking towards brighter, sunnier days, The Farmer's Almanac let us know what to expect for the Quebec weather forecast this spring season. Here's a look at what every month of spring 2022 is predicted to be like in the southern part of La Belle Province.


Although it may feel like winter is never-ending, the official start of spring is near. But just because the calendar says spring begins on March 20, 2022, doesn't actually mean that we'll actually see the end of winter weather on that date.

According to The Farmer's Almanac, early March will be made up of a lot of showers and mild temperatures, but it won't be time to put away your winter gear just yet.

From March 11 to 19, southern Quebec is expected to get hit with more cold and snow. The Upper St. Lawrence Valley could get hit pretty hard during that time, with 30 and 60 centimetres of snow expected between March 12 and 15.

Then, from March 20 to 25, La Belle Province is set to experience another period of mild weather, with a few rainy episodes.

March is expected to be marked by freezing rain showers and cold weather. The average temperature forecast for March is -1.5 C.


Patience is going to be a virtue when it comes to Quebec's April weather forecast.

After the first few cold days of April, we're expected to feel "a spell of pleasant spring weather."

Stormy weather is likely to be common until April 15.

Easter Sunday and Monday are expected to be nice days with dry weather.

This then followed by a meteorological rollercoaster the last week of April, with the 24 to 27 being sunny, but between April 28 and 30, unstable weather is expected.


Cue Justin Timberlake singing "it's gonna be Maaaay."

The first 10 days of May are expected to start off nice and sunny, with a few showers expected.

Then from May 12 to May 15, Quebecers should anticipate a few thunderstorms, with clear skies afterwards.

Cool weather is expected to hit the southern part of the province between May 16 and 19. With some sun the following days.

But the month is predicted to end quite stormy.


June is expected to be a solid mix of rainy and squally.

Summer officially begins on June 21, but sounds like we'll have to wait a bit to see sunshine.

Weather in Southern Quebec could get rather chaotic between June 20 to 23, when we could see “dangerous thunderstorms capable of producing hail, high winds, and even an isolated tornado or two sweep across the region.”

But, by Saint-Jean, we should be looking at some warm weather.

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