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Summer In Montreal Is Too F*cking Hot — I’ll Take Winter All Year Round Any Day

Winter all day every day, please!

Assistant Editor, MTL Blog
Summer In Montreal Is Too F*cking Hot — I’ll Take Winter All Year Round Any Day

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It's no secret that Montreal has five seasons: winter, summer, a blink of spring and fall, and construction. While we can all agree that construction is the absolute worst, we might not all agree with winter being the best. Well... I do.

Mmm-hmm, yes, I said it. Montreal winter is the best. In fact, I love it so much that I'd rather it be winter. All. Year. Round.

Now before you lose your sh*t and come for me, I'd like to preface that I don't hate the other seasons (other than construction, but we've already established that), it's just that winter does it for me far more than any other season could, especially summer.

While summertime in Montreal has this ongoing rep of being supreme — I totally beg to differ. Big time.

You might be saying to yourself "this guy has lost it," or you might be secretly nodding in agreement — and to those who are, I see you, I feel you, and you aren't alone. Now, what is it about winter that gets me going so much that I'd rather it be cold year-round? Lemme tell ya.

It's easier to warm up than it is to cool down

Montreal is notorious for its summer heat and humidity, and with the city breaking heat records year after year, it doesn't seem as though things are going to cool down anytime soon.

On that same note, Montreal is also notorious for freezing cold winters – but it's much easier to warm up than it is to cool down. Let me explain.

I am a sweater (no, not the article of clothing — the type of person who sweats bullets the second the weather hits anywhere over 20 degrees Celsius), so it shouldn't come as a shock that I am far more comfortable during the wintertime.

Listen, I understand many people hate frigid temperatures, get cold easily, and just hate being cold in general. I get it and I understand, but y'know what? You can layer up.

When I am sweltering during the summer, there's only so much I can take off to cool down before violating the law.

The sweating? Far too much

Speaking of sweltering during the summer, I am by no means exaggerating when I say that. I either need to be in a swimming pool to feel comfortable, or I constantly look like I've just gotten out of one.

While summer in Montreal has so much to offer, it's tough to enjoy it when I am well... sweating. Eating on a terrace? Sweating. Outdoor festivals? Sweating. Strolling through Old Montreal? Sweating. Taking the bus or metro? Profusely sweating. Hanging out in the park? Swea... You get the picture.

But when winter rolls around, I can do all of that, and I can do it comfortably. Ask me to walk up Mont-Royal when it's 30+ degrees out — while I'll agree, I'll be bringing an extra shirt, some paper towels, and reapplying deodorant throughout (no, I am not kidding). Ask me to walk up Mont-Royal during the crisp cold Montreal winter? I'll gladly agree while I toss on my boots and jacket with a smile.

Let's talk about outdoor activities

Do I like summer sports? Of course. Do I actively enjoy doing them? Not really. Why? See above.

Do I like winter sports? Of course. Do I actively enjoy doing them? YES. Whether it's ice skating, skiing, snowshoeing, tubing, or going on a hike, I'm bundled up and happily ready to go. And you wanna know what the bonus is on top of all that? You can end any winter activity with a good ol' cup of hot chocolate, sit by the fire, and snuggle up in a blanket. Nice, right?

What's the bonus after a summer activity? A Gatorade, cold shower and needing to catch your breath? No thanks.

Now, let's talk about bugs

I, much like many people, do not like bugs. In fact, I hate them. Yeah, yeah, they serve a purpose and all that jazz, but gosh are they annoying. Mosquitoes being the worst.

Considering Montreal is an island and we're surrounded by water, mosquitoes thrive during the summer. You know who doesn't thrive during the summer? Me.

Whether you're swatting away a fly as you try to enjoy an outdoor meal, brushing away ants, or flipping out the second the buzz of a wasp is heard (and don't get me started on spiders) — bugs are irritating. You know when they aren't irritating? During the winter. Need I say more?

The winter holidays reign supreme

When winter rolls around, so do some of the year's best holidays. Thanksgiving (not technically a winter holiday, but I'm adding it in), Black Friday (yay deals), "Chris-kwanz-ukah", Mariah Carey season (give me All I Want For Christmas Is You on repeat any day), New Year's, Valentine's Day, and St. Patrick's Day.

That's a heck load of festive moments to celebrate during the winter — and all the more reason why I love it so much. What does summer have to offer in Montreal? Victoria Day, Saint-Jean-Baptiste, and Canada Day? Gimme a break.

Winter all day, every day

I totally get it's a controversial statement, but I'm sticking by it. Sure, I could move somewhere colder and be comfortable year round that way, but I love Montreal, just not Montreal summers.

Now, as winter nears its end (yes, I get we're still mid-February, but the groundhog said six weeks, so…) I begin to prepare myself for the warmer months ahead. While this might bring many Montrealers joy, it fills me with slight dread. Why? 'Cause Montreal summers are too f*cking hot!

While I'm not trying to convince anyone that it should be winter all year round, I'm just saying' that if I had it my way, it would be. To end things off, I'll quote the Queen of Arendelle herself, Elsa. The cold? It never bothered me anyway.

Yes, I really ended this with a Frozen reference.

    Mike Chaar
    Assistant Editor, MTL Blog
    Mike Chaar is an Assistant Editor for MTL Blog focused on recalls in Canada and is based in Montreal, Quebec.
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