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An Astronaut Shared Some Dazzling New Photos Of Montreal From Space

Can you find your apartment building?

New Photos Of Montreal From Space Shared By ESA Astronaut

Our city just looks good from any angle. On Monday, European Space Agency astronaut Thomas Pesquet shared some dazzling new photos of Montreal and the South Shore from the International Space Station.

"Montreal, home of the [Canadian Space Agency] and the scene of Nadia Comăneci's feat at the 1976 Olympics...!" Pesquet captioned the photos.

He added that he has "many good memories" of the city from a year he spent here studying.

Pesquet's pics show downtown Montreal, the green heart that is Mount Royal Park, and the surrounding boroughs, as well as a bit of Longueuil.

He specifically highlighted the Olympic Stadium, visible at the top right of the first photo, and the Canadian Space Agency campus, the barely perceivable ellipse-shaped patch at the bottom right of the second photo, just below the runway of the Saint-Hubert Airport.

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