Montreal Announced Plans To Plant 500,000 Trees Across The Island

The city unveiled its Climate Action Plan. Here's what it says.
Officials Announced Plans To Plant 500,000 Trees Across Montreal

On Thursday, officials unveiled Montreal's Climate Action Plan, a set of steps aimed at, among other targets, citywide carbon neutrality by 2050. One such step is a plan to plant 500,000 trees in Montreal by 2030.

"A mature tree absorbs rainwater, filters the air, reduces noise pollution, provides an ecosystem for many animal species and modulates the temperature of houses to reduce the energy required for air conditioning during heat waves or for heating during high winds," the Climate Plan presentation reads.

"Increasing the number of trees in Montreal is therefore one of the most significant actions to be taken in order to better adapt to climatic hazards."

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The tree-planing initiative will focus on "areas vulnerable to heatwaves," according to a statement.

The city will install the trees in the public domain while encouraging private landowners to plant their own.

But Montreal won't just throw down whatever trees it can find wherever it can.

Officials will evaluate best planting practices to ensure biodiversity and "maximize [the trees'] ecosystem contributions the most quickly and for as long as possible."

The city will supply 50% of the funding for the trees and hopes the provincial and federal governments, as well as private entities, will make up the rest.

Other actions outlined in the plan include "converting open-air parking lots" into green spaces, increasing the energy efficiency of buildings across the city, and "[increasing] the proportion of electric vehicles in the downtown area," possibly including a "zero-emission zone."

"The Climate Plan we are presenting will enable Montreal to improve the quality of life of its population in the short, medium and long term through a recovery that we hope will be green and inclusive," Mayor Valérie Plante said.

"Our plan will also enable Montréal to meet its commitments and maintain its leadership role in the fight against climate change."