Montreal's One Of A Kind Sneaker Shop Is THE Spot To Get Fresh New Fall Kicks

This store is changing the way locals shop for sneakers. 👟
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Montreal's One Of A Kind Sneaker Shop Is THE Spot To Get Fresh New Fall Kicks

Nothing helps to put your best foot forward quite like the right pair of shoes. Whether you're a sneakerhead, yourself, or someone who's looking to learn, the sneaker and streetwear culture is one that is ever-changing and here to stay. If you're in the market for some sweet kicks, then you need to head over to One Of A Kind (OAK) in Westmount for everything you need and more.

The sneaker and streetwear scene has been brought into the mainstream over the last few years an OAK has definitely helped bring the scene here to Montreal.

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Franco Benalia and Andrew Rusnac are the co-owners of OAK with a mission to make the industry more accessible to Montrealers.

I got a chance to chat with Franco about the culture and what exactly the sneaker and streetwear culture is all about.

In its essence, the streetwear lifestyle looks at limited edition garments in smaller quantities, with high quality and high value.

And you can imagine that these pieces only go up in value as the years go on.

So, a pair of Air Jordans from the 90s would be worth way more now.

Of course, people like Kylie Jenner and the sneaker king, himself, Kanye West, have taken the entire movement to a bigger and better level. 

That's the thing, the lifestyle continues to change, evolve and surprise even those in it.

But it's not just about monetary value, but about sentimental value, too.

"People don't want to get shoes that they can get in a regular store," Franco told MTL Blog.

"They want to get shoes that they couldn't get when they were kids or that none of their friends are colleagues have."

Like the name implies, the curated collection of shoes and clothing from the last few years is chosen with careful consideration.

And with each piece being so unique, you could almost think of them as works of art.

"What you don't think is worth $1,000, someone else will see, touch and just know that that's the pair that they want."

OAK offers a very different type of store experience than most.

It's a very personal and unique experience, to the point that if they have a shoe, but not necessarily your size, there'a a specific team dedicated to sourcing exactly what you're looking for at an extra cost.

"When you shop online, you don't get to develop a relationship with that pair. That's why we started the store."

And it's exactly that relationship that the team is striving for with each and every person that walks in.

"Even if you don't buy anything, you'll learn more about the culture and the sneaker/streetwear philosophy."

You can find out more about OAK on its website or Instagram page. Or, of course, stop by the store.

One Of A Kind

Address: 4930B, rue Sherbrooke O., Westmount, QC

Gabi Sandler
Contributing Writer
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