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Canada Is Hiring 5,700 Census Workers In Quebec With Pay Between $17.83 & $31.25/Hour

There are a number of positions available.
Over 5,700 Canada 2021 Census Jobs Are Up For Grabs In Quebec

In the approach to Canada's 2021 census, over 5,700 jobs are up for grabs in Quebec. Statistics Canada confirmed to MTL Blog that as of January 24 the agency plans to hire 5,717 people to help out with this year's effort.

There are three roles available, a Statistics Canada spokesperson told MTL Blog: Crew Leader, Crew Leader Assistant and Enumerator.

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5,700 workers needed

Enumerators are in particular demand. Statistics Canada plans to hire 2,627 in the province to work in French, plus an additional 2,446 who are bilingual.

Wages vary by position and place of work, according to the Statistics Canada website.

Enumerators work part-time and are paid $17.83 per hour. Those working in "select Northern and remote communities," however, are paid $29.25 per hour.

Crew leaders, meanwhile, work full-time and earn $21.77 per hour or $31.25 per hour in Northern and remote communities.

The duties of an enumerator include collecting census questionnaires from households and "[following] up with respondents by calling or visiting."

Crew leaders are charged with leading "a team of up to 18 enumerators" and monitoring their progress.

Applicants must be at least 18 years old and able to legally work in Canada.

To apply, review the job requirements online and fill out an application.

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