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POP Montreal Unveiled Its 2021 Festival Lineup & It Looks Amazing

The festival is back for a 20th-anniversary edition this September.

POP Montreal's 2021 Lineup Dropped & It Looks Amazing

One of Montreal's most beloved music festivals , POP Montreal , is back this year with a big 20th-anniversary edition, and the lineup just dropped.

The lineup includes some exciting names, such as 2020 Polaris Prize winner Backxwash , Rhythm and Flow alumnus Cakes da Killa , hometown psych-rockers SUUNS and local TikTok star Eve Parker Finley .

Like last year, the 2021 festival is planned as a hybrid of in-person concerts and virtual events.

"What a wild time. It's the 20th-anniversary edition of POP Montreal! Yes it's still a pandemic so we have to remain safe and careful but we can celebrate and be thankful that we can still go to shows and see amazing live music. What a gift!" says an announcement posted on POP Montreal's website .

The festival is set to take place from September 22-26, 2021.

Show listings and tickets are available online.

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