Premier Legault Made His Own Backyard Snowboarding Slope & It's The Most Quebec Thing Ever

Meanwhile, he's facing intense criticism for not exempting homeless Quebecers from curfew.
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Premier Legault Made His Own Snowboarding Slope & It's The Most Quebec Thing Ever

In a trend that apparently began with CAQ MNA Lionel Carmant, ministers in Quebec's cabinet are sharing photos of some of their favourite activities to promote awareness of mental health struggles during the pandemic. For Premier Legault, that activity is snowboarding.

The premier shared a photo of himself snowboarding down a makeshift slope in what looks like a backyard.

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After 10 months of the pandemic, we are keeping our spirits up in our own way, and we must keep going!

Lionel Carmant

"The past year has been a difficult one for the mental health of many people," Legault wrote in the Instagram post.

"That the pandemic is causing concern and anxiety is normal. We need to take care of ourselves and we need to find activities that help keep our spirits up. One of my pleasures: snowboarding."

The photo is a rare peek at the private life of the usually austere Legault.

The lighthearted post also comes as the premier faces intense criticism for his refusal to grant an exemption for homeless Quebecers from the province's nightly curfew.

Legault has claimed that if such an exemption existed, "anyone" could say they're homeless to get out of a ticket after curfew.

"It's not the time to divide, it’s the time to work together," he said in response to criticism on the subject, adding that he has "100% confidence" in police officers, who have been asked to use their own judgment when interacting with homeless people after curfew.

Montreal Mayor Valérie Plante, opposition leaders in the National Assembly, and Federal Minister of Indigenous Services Marc Miller have all called on Legault to revisit the decision.

Miller even called on the premier to show "more humanity."

Raphael André, a homeless Innu man, passed away outside after curfew in the night of January 16. He was found near a Montreal shelter he often visited.

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