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Quebec Is Extending The Red Zone Lockdown By Another 4 Weeks

But officials will re-evaluate after two weeks.
Quebec Is Extending The Red Zone Lockdown By Another 4 Weeks

At a press conference on Monday, Premier François Legault announced that the 28-day Quebec red zone lockdown would be extended for another month, to November 23.

"It's likely that it'll be four weeks, but in two weeks we will re-evaluate," he said.* 

Legault warned last week that there would be great risks in reopening the province.*

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We're extending [red zone measures] by four weeks, until November 23.

Premier François Legault

The lockdown mandated that several industries had to close up shop including restaurants, bars, and gyms.

"The efforts we made in October have yielded results," said Legault. "We were able to reach a plateau and were able to maintain steady numbers."

He highlighted that despite stabilizing numbers in the CHSLDs, "there's still a problem in the greater society" which is why he decided on another one-month lockdown. 

Two hundred gym owners in Quebec have already said that they would reopen on October 29 anyway.

On Monday, Quebec reported 808 new COVID-19 cases for a total of 100,922.

*This article has been updated.

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