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You Could Get A $200 Fine If You Don't Follow These Paddleboarding Rules In Quebec

It could be an expensive ride!
You Could Get A $200 Fine If You Don't Follow These Paddleboarding Rules In Quebec

Even though paddleboarding is a fun and popular summer activity in Quebec, like all things, there are certain rules you need to follow. If you don't, you could get slapped with a fine and have your weekend ruined. 

And in light of National Drowning Prevention Week, the Longueuil police issued a series of advisories for people who engage in what it said is an increasingly popular summer activity. 

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According to the Longueuil police, paddleboarders are required to have a well-fitting life jacket or personal flotation device at all times when paddleboarding, though it doesn't have to be on.

Those wearing their life jackets also need to have "an audible device," such as a whistle, and, for nighttime voyages, a waterproof flashlight, according to police and Transport Canada's Safe Boating Guide

In addition to this equipment, paddleboarders who opt not to wear their life jacket or flotation device need a 15-metre "buoyant heaving line."

"If you do not have the proper size flotation device or lifejacket, you are liable to a $200 fine + costs," the police service wrote in a Facebook post

The Safe Boating guide lists similar rules for kayaks, canoes, as well as other "human-powered boats." 

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