Quebec Says Physical Activity Can Be Carried Out In Pairs – CORRECTION

Only if physical distancing is respected.
Quebec Says Physical Activity Can Be Carried Out In Pairs – CORRECTION

Questions have been circulating among Quebec gym owners and gym-goers with regards to what is actually allowed to take place in red zones

On November 14, MTL Blog reported that — after some confusion — gym owners are allowed to film workouts alone in their gyms. Many fitness professionals use videos to offer web-based services, such as online fitness classes. 

An update to the Quebec government's webpage on the "resumption of sports, recreational and outdoor activities during COVID-19" now helps to answer another lingering question: what kind of training activity is permitted in red zones?*

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Only activities that are carried out individually or in pairs (physical distance must be respected) and individual training are allowed. 

The Government of Quebec

The section of the website on "regions located in red zones" specifies that solo or pair activities have the green light from the government, as long as social distancing protocols are followed.* 

Wearing a face covering is not mandatory during physical activities, it says. 

In addition to allowing for pair activities, this means, for example, Quebecers could play a game of tennis — "provided the matches are informal and physical distancing rules are respected."*

The page also clarifies that indoor and outdoor sports and recreation facilities may remain open for individual activities, but crowds are not permitted.

*Correction: An earlier version of this article misrepresented government rules about training in gyms. It has been updated with correct information.

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