Quebec Was Named The Kinkiest Province In Canada & Montreal Was Named Top 'Stroking City'

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A couple admiring the Montreal skyline from Mont-Royal in winter.

A couple admiring the Montreal skyline from Mont-Royal in winter.

It looks like 2022 was a sexually pleasing year for many Canadians. Sex toy brand Lovehoney has released a sex map highlighting the consuming habits of its clients across the country. As the province with the most fetish outfit orders, Quebec was named the kinkiest place in Canada.

Montrealers might find the news unsurprising, given the city's annual Fetish Week and other numerous kinky parties.

Perhaps you'll be more surprised by Montreal's distinction as the "best stroking city," where people "spend more money on male masturbators than any other category."


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Quebec City also stood out, earning the nickname "Treat yourself city" because its most-sold item is a high-tech, elaborate, intense-sounding vibrator/stimulator package known as the Womanizer X We-vibe.

Hey, if you want a job done well, do it yourself. Clearly, Quebecers don't neglect themselves.

Canada Sex Map 2023: Valentine's Day EditionCanada Sex Map 2023: Valentine's Day EditionLovehoney

Overall, according to Lovehoney, Canadians buy bigger dildos than people in other countries and the favourite anal sex toy nationwide is a shiny bejewelled butt plug.

To put the country's lube consumption into perspective, the company also stated that over 42 hot tubs could be filled by Canadian lube orders in 2022. While "the length of all sex toys sold in 2022 in Canada equals the height of the CN tower in Toronto stacked on top of itself four times."

Our neighbours in Ontario also won the title of "sexiest province" for buying the most products last year, while Newfoundlanders and Labradorians like their dildos very, very large.

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