Quebecers Will Soon Be Able To Move Up The Date Of Their 2nd COVID-19 Vaccine Dose

Dubé discussed when & how to get your second dose faster!

In a press conference on May 27, Quebec Health Minister Christian Dubé said Quebecers will be able to get their second dose of a COVID-19 vaccine sooner than expected. 

For the AstraZeneca vaccine, Dubé said Quebecers who received their first dose before April 3 will be able to receive their second dose starting this weekend at a walk-in clinic or by registering on ClicSanté

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For other vaccines, Dubé said the government is releasing a calendar next week to begin administering second doses to the general public, broken down by age group — similar to the province's first dose priority schedule.

"We'll say, 'Well, in June, people in the 80 age category have two days to accelerate their appointment.' After that, we'll go down to, say, 70," Dubé explained.

You should be able to make changes to your appointment schedule on Clic Santé beginning on June 7.

Fifty-seven percent of the province has received at least one dose of a COVID-19 vaccine in Quebec, according to provincial data.