Nature Is Gifting Quebec A Long, Hot & Humid Summer According To A New Forecast

Temperatures will be above average.
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Quebec's Summer Forecast Shows Hot & Humid Weather Coming Our Way

We're in for many sunny days this summer. The Weather Network's 2020 Quebec summer forecast, released Monday, indicates that we're about to have a "hot and humid" summer, with some periodic breaks. Overall, the summer temperatures are projected to be slightly above average. 

According to The Weather Network's forecasters, June will "feature swings between mid-summer warmth and fresh spring-like weather."

In July and August, heatwaves are expected around much of Southern Quebec and Ontario. 

This summer, however, won't be "an all-out scorcher," says The Weather Network.

Despite an "abundance of warm weather across most of Canada," the forecasters don't believe this will be a record-breaking hot summer. 

In terms of rainfall, the standard amount should be expected across the province of Quebec.

Parts of the Prairies, the Great Lakes region and Southern Ontario are expected to see above-average rain totals and thunderstorms. 

With below-average rainfalls expected in Eastern Quebec and parts of Atlantic Canada, a so-called "dry summer" is just around the corner.

An active tropical season is on the forecast, however, so East Coasters should expect tons of rainfall after the summer months. 

Here's how this summer is projected to shape up.

Though we're in for a usually hot and humid summer in Quebec, periods of "cool and refreshing" weather are expected throughout June. 

According to The Weather Network, "oppressive heat will not dominate" this summer. 

[rebelmouse-image 26885016 photo_credit="The Weather Network" expand=1 original_size="680x383"] The Weather Network

Spells of "cooler weather" will break up the heat throughout July and August.

Though it won't be as hot as we all expected, temperatures will be "slightly above normal." 

Locally, The Weather Networks expects some spells of rainfall and thunderstorms in Southern Quebec. 

The forecasters are keeping an eye on a so-called "active storm track" that could make its way across the Great Lakes and bring some sporadic storm activity into the region. 

Overall, the rainfall forecast isn't expected to be extreme, but periods of heavy rain could be "locally excessive." 

The Weather Network predicts summer will close with "above normal temperatures into September." 

It'll soon be time to take out those shorts, everyone! And it doesn't look like you'll have to put them back for a while.

Teddy Elliot
Staff Writer
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