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Quebec Just Announced The Official Reopening Dates For Restaurants

It's happening this month.
Quebec Just Announced The Official Reopening Dates For Restaurants

The time has come! The reopening dates for Quebec restaurants were just revealed during a government press conference. Quebec's Agriculture and Food Minister André Lamontagne and Labour Minister Jean Boulet announced an easing of public health measures to allow indoor gatherings for up to 10 people, which allows for the reopening of restaurants in the province.

The new measures will come into effect on June 15 for all of Quebec, except restaurants in the Communauté métropolitaine de Montréal, the Joliette MRC and L'Épiphanie. For these places, the reopening date is set for June 22.

There will be many measures in place to protect the health and safety of restaurant workers and clients. The government says that the rules will be "realistic" and suited to the industry. 

They also announced that restaurants that serve alcohol will allow these businesses to partner with delivery companies to offer alcohol on delivery. 

"We want to give restaurant owners the best conditions so that they can have a successful recovery," said government officials. 

The news comes after another decrease in the daily intake of confirmed COVID-19 cases and deaths was recorded in Quebec. 

You can watch the live feed this press conference below.

The restaurant industry is yet another major economic sector of the province to reopen in the past month.

According to Minister André Lamontagne, some 200,000 people will be able to return to work in Quebec.

"We know how important restaurants are in our lives," said Lamontagne.

"They are important because they allow us to share good meals, but they are also important because they allow us to share moments. Moments surrounded by those we love, those we appreciate, and also to relax or, ultimately, to offer a culinary experience."

"The implementation of the new sanitary standards will require a considerable effort on the part of the restaurateurs, but, knowing their entrepreneurial spirit, there is no doubt that they will show creativity and ability to adapt to be able to meet health and safety requirements," said Lamontagne.

Minister of Labour Jean Boulet outlined the CNESST's regulations and safety requirements as follows:

- Two metres of distance is required whenever possible.

- Workers should wear masks and face protection if maintaining distance isn't possible.

- It's recommended that menus be presented digitally whenever possible to reduce contact.

- Restaurants should prioritize outdoor seating if they have a terrasse.

- Shared objects such as surfaces, plates, utensils, and menus will be disinfected after each customer.

- No more self-service buffets or salad bars.

Bars that serve food will also be allowed to reopen under these conditions. Clubs and bars that don't serve food must remain closed, however.

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