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Montreal's Slavic-Inspired Restaurant Is THE Spot To Dine & Drink Like A Russian

Moscow mule pitchers, cheese boats, boozy milkshakes, dumplings and more.

Russian Restaurant In Montreal Has Moscow Mule Menu

Montreal's Russian-themed downtown eatery, Nevski , is a kitschy spot serving Russian-inspired cuisine and food from other former Soviet republics.

The Russian restaurant in Montreal features boozy milkshakes, artsy decor à la Saint Petersburg, and a menu of Moscow mules.

Nevski's khachapuri, a Georgian cheese bread dish, is made with homemade dough and a mix of cheeses, topped with a runny egg yolk — and the restaurant's menu even teaches you how to eat it.

Its Moscow mule menu, four different takes on the classic drink — made with different spirits, ginger beer, fruit syrups and citrus — even offers mules by the pitcher for $29. There's also an extensive cocktail menu with 10 other Russian-themed options, and a few other pitcher options available for the same price.

Nevski also has a menu of dumplings stuffed with different meats, herbs and vegetables.

Though the menu also offers Russian-inspired desserts, you can also satisfy your sweet tooth with a boozy milkshake menu made with Russian ice cream, milk, Russian waffles, and vodka, Kahlua, whisky and Amaretto.

With so much alcohol on the menu, it's hard to choose your preferred drink — Nevski also offers a wide-range vodka menu, which you can enjoy with a side of bread and pickles in true Russian form, along with a wine and beer list.


Price: 💸

Cuisine: Russian and former Soviet republics

Address: 1228, rue Stanley, Montreal, QC

Why You Need To Go: Eat and drink like a Russian, surrounded by artsy kitschy decor inspired by the streets of Saint Petersburg.


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